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The Benefits of Private Tutoring- Part 1

Some benefits of private tutoring:

Provides individualized attention with specialized instruction

Improves self-esteem and confidence

Encourages the freedom to ask questions

At Successful Solutions, we provide specialized instruction for each student in a comfortable, pressure-free setting. We meet each student where they are, supporting them at their grade level tasks while also filling in the gaps in their learning. Students are encouraged to ask questions. We slow the pace as necessary to ensure students have the time to not only ask questions, but time to process information in order to formulate their questions. Sometimes, we even assist in formulating those questions together.  In many cases, students quickly begin to recognize what they do not understand and have questions ready for us as soon as they enter the room. They also usually realize the gaps are narrowing, they know more than they originally thought, and they feel more confident in their abilities.The cycle of success begins. 

This approach works for all ages and abilities and across all subject matter. However, the earlier students receive support, the quicker they are led to a place of independence; our ultimate goal for everyone. The longer students go feeling less capable, the more time it takes them to break  bad habits and the more difficult it is to build the skills and confidence to work independently. Rather than waiting and hoping skills improve naturally, get support early so they can be independent by middle school when all students want independence from adults at least some of the time.

Summer is a great time for younger students in particular to boost skills in math or reading. They are better able to focus on skills when they have not had a full day of school prior to a tutoring session. Successful Solutions has openings for our summer session running from July 9 - August 20th. We also have availability for the 2024-2025 school year. It is not too late to schedule for summer nor too early to schedule for fall. We have an excellent team of teachers to meet the needs of students at all grade levels.


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