Individualized Instruction to Maximize Learning

At Successful Solutions, we individualize instruction to maximize learning specifically for each student.  We focus not only on the "how" of completing the task, but also the "why" it works; deepening understanding and helping with retention of skills.  When appropriate, manipulatives, models, and technology are utilized as tools to further maximize understanding of concepts.  Whenever possible, real-life problems tie concepts to students' lives giving meaning and purpose to their school work.  

Providing visuals, minimizing work on a page, offering time for questions and processing of information, allowing use of technology to better organize or physically write with paper and pencil are methods used depending on the needs of each individual student whether in a private tutoring session or a small group session.

Meet the Team


Kathy Ells

Director + Tutor

Kathy Ells has been involved in education since 1981. In her 40 years of experience, she has taught at public and private schools, worked as a special educator, and tutored students from elementary through high school ages. In her own words, she was “always meant to do this”. But most importantly, her tenure as a traditional classroom teacher taught her the importance of personal connection in a student’s success. Kathy can be found in the mountains skiing, hiking and camping with her husband or visiting her children and grandchildren in her free time. 

Education & Certifications:

  • Master's Degree, Moderate Special Needs

  • Elementary Education, Grades 1-6

  • Moderate Special Needs, Grades 5-12

  • Middle School Mathematics, Grades 6-8


Hannah Ells

Online Tutor

Hannah Ells graduated in 2018 with a BA in English from Trinity College and a Secondary Education Certification from the University of Saint Joseph. Since then, Hannah has been working in the Educational Technology industry. Currently, she is a Learning Designer at Cengage in Boston, MA where she researches and designs educational tools and resources for higher education students. Hannah is also working part-time on a Certificate in Instructional and Learning Design from UMass Boston. In her spare time, Hannah loves to run, hike, read, and bake!

Education & Certifications:

  • Bachelor's Degree, English (Trinity College)

  • Secondary Education

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