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I have to admit, I really enjoyed this video and apparently so have many others because I have noticed it being shared frequently over the past week or so. I am not suggesting parents go out and buy teachers luggage for their next vacation, however, there is a message here as to taking a positive approach to the beginning of the school year. Go back to that yellow binder. How many times do we complain about the cost of school supplies and question the necessity of items on that list? What message is that sending to our children? I think most parents would say they want to send a positive message to their children about school and the importance of putting their best effort forward in class each day. So, let's look at the supply list through the lens of the student. The simple gesture of taking your child shopping for their supplies and allowing them to choose (within reason) some of these supplies will send the message that these supplies are important in helping them to learn this year, which is their job as a student. As parents, we will purchase those supplies because we want you to succeed at your job. If you run out of pencils in January or your binder breaks in February, we will immediately replenish your supplies because your learning is most important to us. Students cannot be focused on learning if they are worried they will be reprimanded for not having a pencil in math class or not having their notes because the rings in their binder didn't close and all of the papers fell out in the hallway on their way to class. Let's send the message this year that learning is important to our families. It is a priority. Buy the yellow binder and smile.

Wishing everyone a very positive first few weeks of school!

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