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Hannah has been amazing to work with, particularly around planning and organizing my thoughts and ideas when in the initial stages of writing a paper. She has worked with me to create an organized outline and helps me make sure my thoughts and points flow seamlessly , pointing out areas I can address and giving me targeted feedback when my thoughts need more explanation, more evidence to support them, or are redundant. She has really helped me feel more comfortable when sitting down to write a paper and is very easy to talk through things. 

Talia -  Student, Grade 11

Mrs. Ells has been absolutely phenomenal in helping me understand different subjects in school, especially with things I had been struggling with. She knows just how to explain them in the right way that makes sense which helps me learn better. 

Zach - Student, Grade 11

Kathy Ells tutored both my son and daughter during their elementary and middle school years helping with their classroom studies as well as standardized testing.

She managed to teach them the skills they needed while taking a real interest in supporting them and creating an atmosphere that made them comfortable and anxiety free.

We call Kathy a friend and highly recommend her as a tutor and support for your son or daughter.

Rachel Alexander Healy – Merrimac, MA

Kathy has been working with my daughter for a few months now.  My daughter receives Title 1 Math at school, but upon collaborating with her teachers, we felt a little extra help outside of school would be beneficial.  I knew that Kathy was helping Shannon because she was getting more confident with trying to do her homework independently without me hounding her. 

I think the best tribute to Kathy comes from the student herself.  “Mrs. Ells makes math fun and whenever I see her she is happy, upbeat and supports me. If I get something wrong, she says it’s ok to make mistakes and leads me to help me figure it out.”

Kristin – Mom

Shannon – Student, Grade 4

Kathy was such a tremendous help to my daughter this school year! She was instrumental in turning what could have been a horrible year into a good one. She reignited my daughters love for learning in a very positive and encouraging way!  

Karen Travers – Merrimac, MA

If your child needs some extra support Successful Solutions is your key.  Kathy is an experienced professional in the education field and will help your child succeed.  I don't know where my son would be right now if we had not had Kathy's plethora of knowledge and experience to get him through this tough math course.  Thank you Kathy!!!

Mara Paul – 10th Grade Parent

We have used other tutors in the past, but none compare to Kathy. She speaks my daughter's language when it comes to math, and she is always flexible with a busy high-schoolers schedule. What I love is that Kathy is upbeat and positive. She always has a smile on her face! I know that my daughter will be headed to school this year with more confidence in math.

Janine O'Donnell – Amesbury, MA

Kathy gets to the root of the problem and my son actually enjoys his time with her! She takes the time to explain things and allows him to digest the information before moving on. She does a great job of building a solid foundation.

Cheryl Moore Sullivan

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