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Proven Success: Students develop confidence and independence in learning

My experiences teaching in a wide variety of grade levels and in both special and general educational settings, afford me the knowledge to work well with students regardless of their learning styles/differences.  My teaching experiences include: 

  • Tutored and taught math, science, and English at Landmark (middle and high) School as well as at the Landmark Prep School,

  • Tutored and taught summer study skills courses at Governor's Academy,

  • Special educator at Amesbury Middle and Donaghue Elementary Schools.  

  • Classroom teacher, taught Grades 6-8 math, science, and ELA at Pentucket and Manchester-Essex Regional School Districts.

I am certified in the following areas:

Elementary Education Grades 1-6

Moderate Special Needs Grades 5-12

Middle School Mathematics Grades 5-8

I also hold a Master's Degree in Moderate Special Needs.  I bring 35 years of teaching experience to Successful Solutions.

Successful Solutions welcomes Hannah Ells to our team. Hannah is an online tutor offering high school students support with essay and research paper writing for content classes as well as packages for directing students through the college essay writing process. 
Hannah holds a BA in English from Trinity College, CT along with certification in Secondary Education. In addition to online tutoring, she currently works full time as a learning designer for Cengage.
Hannah brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to her students!
Different Students 
Require Different
Approaches to Learning

At Successful Solutions, we individualize instruction to maximize learning specifically for each student.  We focus not only on the "HOW" of completing the task, but also the "WHY" it works; deepening understanding and helping with retention of skills.  When appropriate, manipulatives, models, and technology are utilized as tools to further maximize understanding of concepts.  Whenever possible, real-life problems tie concepts to students' lives giving meaning and purpose to their school work.  

Providing visuals, minimizing work on a page, offering time for questions and processing of information, allowing use of technology to better organize or physically write with paper and pencil are methods used depending on the needs of each individual student whether in a private tutoring session or a small group session.

What We Offer at Successful Solutions

The following major areas are the focus of tutoring and small group sessions.

1.  Mathematics: 

          skills- fill in gaps in learning or strengthen grade level skills

          application-real world problem solving

          SAT and SSAT Prep

          Online math course help

2.  English:

           reading- decoding


           writing-  organization

                             development of thoughts

3.  Executive Functioning:

           time management

           organization of materials

           managing long term assignments


           study techniques

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